Joanne Roberts


Clinical Psychologist

Why I Work at CAMHS

I choose to work in CAMHS as I believe that children, young people and their families should be able to access support early on in their lives or when any difficulties or worries start to develop.

I think that even making small changes now can lead to big differences in the future and hope that I am able to play a part in helping young people and families move forward in their lives and fulfil their potential!

My Skills and Interests

As a member of our Single Point of Access Team, I work with young people aged up to 18 years old who come to CAMHS for a whole host of different reasons.

I particularly enjoy working with young people who have experienced or are experiencing the Care System.  I’m also interested in working with children very early in their lives, from birth to school age.  Lots of my work involves thinking about relationships between children, young people and their carers although I also work individually with young people using models including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

In a nutshell, my work involves working together with young people and their families to help them move towards the goals that are the most important to them.

A Bit About Me

I love spending time researching places to go on holiday, learning Italian and trying new foods.  I also love taking pictures and after doing a short photography course last year I am trying to find opportunities to practice what I’ve learnt!