Joan Peters


Specialist Practitioner

Why I Work at CAMHS

My interest in CAMHS developed in my previous careers a long, long time ago when I trained as a nurse and then in 1992 I trained as a children’s social worker. During which I developed an interest in the social and emotional wellbeing of children and families and this resulted in me completing counselling training and other therapeutic ways of working, In 1998, I changed career and became a CAMHS practitioner.

My Skills and Interests

My role  currently involves meeting children and families for  appointments to get a better understanding from them about what has brought them to CAMHS and to then put them in touch with appropriate help, sometimes that help might be me or a colleague within CAMHS,  or someone in the hospital, or a colleague from  voluntary sector CAMHS.  Another part of my job is prioritising referrals when they are sent to us as well as offering emergency appointments and taking my turn in duty providing telephone consultations to parents, schools , health and education professionals.

I have qualifications in CBT and I’m currently completing further training in EMDR as well as this I completed some training in Play Therapy.

A Bit About Me

When not working I enjoy swimming  and spending time with my grandchildren.