All of us have our ups and downs and situations in our lives can make us feel sad, down or upset. However, some young people can feel sad, lonely, down, upset, stressed, withdrawn and flat for long periods of time. When this starts to interfere with your day to day living it is known as Depression.

When a person is depressed they may find it hard to do things that they previously enjoyed. They might find that their sleeping and eating patterns change. They might feel exhausted, miserable, lonely, upset and irritable and find that they criticise themselves and feel hopeless. In some cases people who are depressed use self-harm to manage their feelings.

Many people suffer from depression at some point (2% of under 12’s, 5% of teenagers and 10% of adults).
Depression can be caused by lots of things such as your life experiences, family history, bullying, feeling like you have lack of support or it may even run in your family and genes. At CAMHS we have clinicians who are trained and have experience of helping children and young people understand and overcome depression.
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